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Welcome Verizon Wireless Customers!

In the communications you've received from Verizon Wireless concerning the voicemail migrations/updates there is a link to VZW Support website, https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/voice-mail-service-update.

Please review the information provided for your specific migration date. This information includes the last date an order can be submitted with CBW Productions to allow us adequate processing time. Within that information is also the instructions on how to access your saved messages after the update date. We ask that you be sure to access this voicemail box with those instructions periodically (every 21 days), resave all wanted messages and delete any unwanted messages until you receive notification that your messages have been duplicated.

Please note that if you have already placed a VZW Free order to have your messages duplicated that we are still processing them. We are working closely with Verizon and they have given us an extension on retention times for all migrations/updates to ensure we can complete all message duplication requests. We will send an order update via email once your recording has been completed.

If your phone number is not accepted, you may still place a paid order with us to have your messages duplicated if you can access the voice mail box using the open tree access number (telephone number used to access voicemail box after upgrade); this telephone number was provided in the communications from Verizon and they are also noted on the VZW Support website. Please be sure to add the Rush Service (to guarantee we are able to access and record them before they are deleted), include the open tree access number, mobile telephone number and password used to access the old voice mail box.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to preserving your voice mail.

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