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Notary Service - Affidavit of Authenticity - $20



This letter states the following and is notarized by our own Notary Public.


I, ____________________________________________________________,
Am an employee of CBW Productions, LLC (hereinafter "CBW"), of Middleborough, MA 02346,

And do solemnly swear as follows:

CBW has been authorized to access, retrieve and re-record voice mail messages from customers who request this service.

CBW provides only re-recording services of a voice or other signal originally recorded and stored on voice mail systems.

CBW is given the customer's name, telephone number and confidential password to access their voice mail messages. CBW re-records the voice mail messages in a sound studio as requested by the customer as an audio file onto a compact disc(s) or emailed to the customer as an MP3 file. The compact disc(s) containing the completed recording is mailed to the customer at the address provided by the customer.

On (date) ______________________

I made a re-recording of the voice mail messages as requested by the customer named


By dialing telephone number _____________________________,

For Order # _________________________.

I hereby certify that the re-recording of these voice mail messages are a true and accurate recording of the original message recording, and have not been edited, altered or otherwise tampered with. The compact disc(s) that was produced from the re-recording was finalized so that the audio files on the disc cannot be edited, altered or otherwise tampered with in any way, and bears the official CBW Productions logo and disclaimer.

CBW is not responsible for the original content of any voice or other signal. The re-recordings made by CBW are the sole property of the customer, and may be used in whatever manner for any purpose the customer deems appropriate.

By requesting and accepting the re-recording services of CBW, the customer indemnifies and holds CBW harmless from any liability that might arise from the content or use of any voice or other signal re-recorded by CBW.

(Recording Engineer Signature)

STATE OF Massachusetts
COUNTY OF Plymouth County

DATE: ______________________

_______________________________________________ personally appeared and hereby swears that the statement above is true to the best of his/her knowledge and belief.

Notary Public Signature

Price: $20.00