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Verizon Wireless Upgrade Customers

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Verizon Wireless Upgrade customers qualify for free recordings of up to 20 voice mail messages on CD or USB Drive or up to 10 voice mail messages emailed in MP3 format. Free shipping is included by USPS First Class Mail. More options and services are available at additional cost.

We cannot retrieve deleted messages, or messages that have dropped off the system on their own, if you cannot call in and hear the messages yourself, we cannot record them for you.

Important Please read: We are currently recording voicemail messages for migration customers nationwide. Orders are processed in the order of migration, and migration dates. The first ones recorded are the ones that are to be migrated first, and then the next groups. It could take up to 45 days from the date of your order before it is recorded, and then another 5-7 days to be shipped to you. We will record your group as soon as we can and prior to your deletion date. You will receive an email stating your messages have been duplicated, and then another once your recording is shipped or emailed. Thank you for your patience during this busy time.

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You must erase any messages that you do NOT wish to be recorded. Once your order is placed, all messages will be recorded and you will be charged accordingly.