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Customer Praises

Hi there, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you....so, so much. I received my CD today with 20 voicemails that I've saved since 2011 from my Mom and Dad. Words cannot even begin to express how thankful I am that you guys could provide this service. My Dad was diagnosed last November with ALS and we've been told at best, he has about a year left to live. Now I have multiple recordings of him telling me he loves me, that I can listen to someday when he won't be here anymore. I write this message through tears, because I am truly so incredibly grateful to have this. Thank you for having such a wonderful business and for getting the CD to me so quickly after ordering it. I could not be more pleased.
- An immensely happy customer. Sarah T.

I want to thank you so much for your service. The voicemail I had you record for me was of my dad calling to check up on me. This is the only thing I have with his voice on it - he passed away 2 years ago and listening to his message is a great comfort. I was terrified that I would lose this forever after hearing from Verizon that they can not transfer it when I upgrade my phone - (which is very old and about to kick the bucket). I will make sure to recommend this company to everyone I know who is in a similar situation.

You had recorded my husbands voice for me from his cell phone after he passed away in Sept. 2012. It has been a comfort to me to hear his wonderful voice. I came across this article on msn.com about voice mails of deceased loved ones being deleted off of cell phones and wanted to send it to you so you can inform msn.com of this service you provide. I pray that you will be able to help others keep a small part of their loved ones memories alive.
God Bless,

Thank you for all your help and your quick response I wish every business was as quick to respond and as helpful as you folks have been. Thank you so much for all your assistance. I'll be recommending you folks to anyone who needs your services You guys are like a breath of fresh air. I've dealt with so manycompanies that will barely respond to you --especially once they have your money. It is such a chore to even make contact with a human being. It is even more unusual to have a company be helpful and respectful and follow up onan issue as you guys have done again and again. Your professionalism,which should be all too common,is all too rare these days. Thanks for being the exception to today's mediocrity. Many companies, and their customers, could benefitfromusing CBW Productions as an example of the proper way to do things.
'Preston Stewart'

I have been using CBW for about 6 years and am delighted with my on hold recordings. Holly has the most soothing, smooth voice which works very well for my serene spa-like office. Holly carefully reviews the script with me to get all the pronunciations just right. In the field of plastic surgery first impressions are everything and I believe that CBW has helped me be successful in my practice.
Christine A. Hamori MD

Dear Holly:
This is awesome!!! Now I will be able to hear his last message for everrrr!!!!!

Thank you very much. I really appreciate this service.
Mike D.

Thanks so much!! What a great service your company provides.

I received the copied message. This is the first time I've used CBW and I am very happy with the results. Thank you, Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Right down to the wire. It was a fluke that I called Verizon today about the voice mail only lasting 2 more days and would not stay for the usual 21 days. And they recommended you. I am so happy. Have a great 4th weekend/week.
Thank you, Arlene

Thanks, that's what I needed.
David F.

My thanks, CBW,
For this emailed copy of the voicemail that I wanted recorded. Good work. This tape will be very important in an upcoming legal proceeding, helping to establish the facts of the case. I'd like to go ahead now and order another copy of the same voicemail on disk. You may use the same credit card number. Please confirm that you have received this message and that the order will be fulfilled.
Gerald H.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Will certainly pass along your wonderful and attentive service!
Pamela K.

Thank you for your promptness! It's a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you. The MP3's sound great! This is an awesome service!!! You have been great! Thank you so much!!
Have a great holiday!
Jenna K.

Thank you for all of your help.

Thank you so much, these are the moments that I wanted to capture. they came out perfect.
Sensei J.

Thank you, it's all the evidence I need.
Joy B.

I did receive them. Thank you. What a great service.

Thank you very much for this voice archive. Could you please forward me the phone number to reach you again? I have lost it in my paperwork and have one more message we would like sent to us.

Thank you so much for this. You have no idea how pleased I am about this. You really came through for me during this hard time. I will remember you for a long time.
Matt B.

You are the best! Thank you so much - this is integral to my court case - I really appreciate it.
Best wishes,

Hi There,
I just rec'd the CD in today's mail. Thank you for the great service.
Thank You,

Thanks for the quick response! Yes, you have my approval to charge my card for the total cost of $40.50. You offer such a great service in being able to permanently record voice mails and I'm looking forward to receiving the CD. When do you think the recording will be complete and will you contact me via email/phone to let me know?
Thanks again.
Patrick O'G.

Thank you so much!
I've been wondering for AGES how to save those messages and I'm thrilled that I'll receive them next week. Hope you have a great weekend too!

I was pleased with the quality of the mp3 file and the date-time-sender identifications which was a bonus.
Thank you.Regards,
Paul V. W.

Thanks so much ...I very much appreciate your help!

Thanks VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve B.

Thanks for the great customer service.

I got the voicemail messages in my email today! I'm so glad to have finally gotten them. They are from the wonderful man who recently became my husband and are very special to me! I had tried, in vain, to re-find you but could not remember the name of your business, Then the other day, I happened to stumble upon the correct page on the Verizon Wireless site and there you were!
Thank you so much,
Robin G.

Thank you for the CD that you sent. This is the first time we have used your service and wereally appreciate your services and professionalism.Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter.
Tammie P.

We got the fax, and the mailed version on the same day. Oh boy!! Just in time Say, you have been AWESOME. Who can I write and what is the address that I can write to? I want you to get recognized for your great customer service.
Thanks again,

Many thanks for your help getting this done! I was sure that with the holiday upcoming, my messages were as good as gone. I do hope you weren't there working terribly late on the eve of the holiday! Well, that's some good news, so thanks for your help. Hope you had a nice holiday ... (it was interesting to be here in a place where July 4 is as ordinary as any other day!).
Best Wishes,