“Verizon informed me that my voicemail was being upgraded and any saved messages would be deleted. I totally panicked because all I thought about was never hearing my mother's voice again. Verizon referred me to CBW Productions that was able to save the most precious voicemail memories. Now I have the CD safely tucked away. “

Wendy A. Margate, FL

Verizon Voicemail Duplication Partners Since 2001

The safest and quickest way to get your voicemails delivered in just three easy steps.

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    Step 1

    Just enter your Verizon voicemail information and let us know how many messages you'd like us to record.

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    Step 2

    Our recording engineers will duplicate your messages in high quality and include the date and time with each voicemail.

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    Step 3

    All messages are delivered to your E-mail inbox as audio files. You may also get them delivered to your doorstep on a CD or USB flashdrive.

Full Service Voicemail Preservation For Extra Peace of Mind

Voicemail duplication catered to your needs.


Preserve a Voicemail Greeting

Sometimes, its just the voicemail greeting that you want recorded and saved.



Take advantage of our voicemail transcription service that provides accurate and fast transcriptions of your voicemails.


Cloud Storage

We'll keep backup copies of your recorded voicemails in a secure online account for extra peace of mind. Play or download voicemails online anytime.


Affidavit of Authenticity

We can provide a notarized affidavit of authenticity to go along with your recorded voicemails.


Have your voicemails recorded and delivered

We've helped over 150,000 customers save their cherished voicemails forever. Let us help you!